ICESAR - Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue



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Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue


The ICE-SAR rescue teams number about 100, within which there are thousands of volunteers who are always available when needed.

The specialist training undertaken by particular rescue groups has resulted in exceptional knowledge of the various conditions that are known to occur, both at sea and on land. ICE-SAR seeks dedicated knowledge far and wide, within Iceland and overseas.

With the support of the people of Iceland the rescue teams have built an impressive collection of equipment, which enables them to get anywhere in the most difficult conditions.

Challenging Terrain, Tough Team

Icelanders coexist with many types of danger and not a few have lost their lives as a result of volcanic eruptions, avalanches, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

The ICE-SAR rescue teams have gathered knowledge and experience that allows them to react quickly to all the dangers that beset and threaten inhabited areas, seafarers and travellers on land.

A commanding selection of equipment, targeted training and educational work, alongside the efficient organization of the National SAR Command and Area SAR Commands, ensures a rapid and professional response to danger at any given location.

The Battle with the Sea

Frequent ship losses, together with the tragic deaths of fishermen,marked the start of the work of ICE-SAR. Many of the association’s rescue teams on the coast are specially trained to search and rescue, both at sea and along the coast ofIceland. Nearly 200 Lifeboats of all sizes and makes are always ready for use, equipped with tough, well-trained crews.

ICE-SAR Search and Rescue Units (SRU) are a part of the legal framework for maritime and aeronautical search and rescue as designated SRU's, ICE-SAR provides rescue capabilities to the JRCC, which handles maritime safety service and coordinates rescues at sea and along the coasts of Iceland.